How do you prepare a cambro?

How (and When) to Use a Faux Cambro

Posted on: October 04, 2023
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Hosting a barbecue for your loved ones is always a wonderful idea for a gathering. From getting the time to catch up with friends and family to try out new recipes, barbecues let you enjoy all that together. However, many people are intimidated by the idea of hosting a barbecue or actively participating in one. Some of them believe they don’t have the right hosting skills and techniques, while on the other hand, some are afraid to make mistakes with the food or its temperature.

Here is a wonderful tip, trick, or tool you can try next time you’re hosting a gathering involving food. A faux cambro can come to your rescue and keep your food as fresh and warm as it was when it got off the grill/stove. In many situations, the food is prepared earlier to avoid any mishaps, and that’s the ideal time to make the most out of this essential.

The stuffs needed for faux cambro

What is a Faux Cambro?

A faux cambro is a kitchen tool that many caterers and even professionals use to ensure their food remains fresh and warm. A cambro is an insulated box. This box can greatly assist if you want to transport warm food or just need to store food while sticking to a safe temperature. Cambros can be a wonderful help during not only gatherings or barbecues but also for events.

A faux cambro usually keeps the food warm safely with a temperature of above 140° F (60° C). A cambro works similarly to a cooler or thermal flask. There are many of these available on the market, but the quality and prices are different for all of them. A cambro differs from usual coolers or thermal flasks in many ways. Firstly, it can easily fit something bigger and has the power to keep it fairly insulated. Food in large quantities or foods like ribs, chops, or even turkey can easily fit in a cambro.

People usually wonder how to use a faux cambro as it might sound or seem difficult at first. But in reality, it’s not challenging to use one at all. Always begin by cooking your food ahead of time and turn your faux cambro on beforehand. For example, if your preparation and cooking time is 2 hours, make sure your cambro is up and running an hour before you begin. You can proceed to start preparing your cambro 40 to 45 minutes before you finish cooking, grilling, or smoking your food.

How do you prepare a cambro?

You prepare a cambro by pouring water into it and shutting the lid right away. Ensure that the lid is shut for another 30 minutes while you continue to prepare your food. Once you are done cooking, drain the water out but be cautious and practice safety prevention methods. Safety gloves are a great way to protect yourself from the heat. Wrap your meat in aluminum foil and place it in an aluminum pan.

You can now put it in the cambro and proceed to shut the lid, allowing your meat to sit in there as it remains warm. Using this method and tool is a safe and easy way to keep all sorts of meat warm. This will also keep the flavor intact as the meat will maintain its temperature. Many people argue that the job done by a cambro can be carried out using DIY methods. However, they fail to understand the comfort, flexibility, and ease this piece of equipment provides.

How do you use a faux cambro?

A faux cambro is essential if you are a professional, run a catering business, or host gatherings and events frequently. It gives you the freedom you’re looking for while cooking for a large number of people and would like to avoid any surprises when it comes to the temperature or freshness of the food.

How to maintain and clean a faux cambro

Maintaining and cleaning a faux cambro isn’t difficult either. It requires a good old clean every once in a while, so no odors remain in it. One of the best ways is to just wipe away all the stains and juices by using just soap and water. This will keep your essential tool clean and ready for any upcoming events and gatherings.

This kitchen essential is a tool worth investing in as you can use it in numerous diverse ways. It is ideal for special foods like brisket or pork butt that need resting. It also saves time by eliminating any mess while traveling with the food. A faux cambro can also be used when preparing a big feast and have numerous things on your list to prepare.

This tool is the secret to keeping all your food warm and never disappointing anyone with cold food. Whether it’s part of your job or helps you at home, a faux cambro will have your back big time. It is hands down one of the best tools you will invest in this year.

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