Smoked Cheese Dogs Recipe

Smoked Cheese Dogs Recipe

This smoked cheese dogs recipe is one of my favorite semi-cooked smoked sausage recipes. It originates from Eldon R. Cutlip’s book of “Sausage & Jerky Handbook”. This is a great book for any one that’s interested in making their own Jerky and/or Sausage.

Eldon’s procedure for Cheese Dogs is to fully cook the sausage (155 F) in the smoker. And you can then eat it hot or cold. I’ve found that this recipe works very well by doing a semi-cold smoke which keeps it as fresh sausage, (not fully cooked). And then you can prepare it by the method I’ll explain after the recipe.

I typically like to use Moose and/or Caribou. Sometimes I add a little Black Bear, besides some Pork Butt and a little Beef Trimmings.


For a 10 # batch of Cheese Dogs:

6 Lb lean meat with 2 lb of butt and 2 lb beef trimmings.

2 Tsp curing salt (prague powder #1)

4 Tbsp kosher salt

1 Tbsp coriander

1 Tbsp white pepper

2 Tbsp garlic powder

2 Tbsp maze

2 Tbsp onion powder

2 Tsp curry powder

1 Tsp red pepper

1 Tsp cayenne pepper

1 Tbsp whole mustard weed (ground, if you prefer)

¼ Cup powdered dextrose

¼ Cup corn syrup solids

½ Cup nonfat dry milk (fine ground for sausage)

¾ Lb medium Cheddar cheese shredded

¾ Lb sharp Cheddar cheese shredded

I typically use Hog casings (35mm) for this recipe, but it’s possible to use Sheep casing (22mm) for a foot longs.


After stuffing, put the links into a tub and let them sit overnight in the refrigerator.

They will then come out and air dried for about one hour and then go to the BS.

Give them ½ hour at 100ºF and no smoke, then 1hr at 120ºF (vent full open) with 3 Hickory Pucks. Then rotate the racks, and another 1 hour with 3 pucks (Vent open) at 120ºF.

Shut down the BS, open the door, and when the links are cool, they are vacuum sealed or cooked.

At this low temp, they do not need to be showered, the casing will conform to the sausage.


One method is to cook the sausage in a crock pot. Add a couple sliced medium white onions and 2 bottles of choice of beer.

As the beer and onion come up to medium temp (1hour) add the sausage to precook for (45 min). Then take the sausage to preheat grill to brown them, after reaching 155ºF. They go back into the crock pot simmering ready to consume.

For condiments, add some sauerkraut, raw onion, horseradish, etc.

Just cooking them on the grill by themselves or sautéing in a pan is also very tasty


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