Smoked Whole Quail Recipe

Smoked Whole Quail Recipe

Impress your dinner guests with our smoked whole quail recipe! Tender, juicy quail is infused with smoky flavor resulting in a dish that's both elegant and full of bold, savory taste.


4 large quail - split at the breast

1 lemon - quartered

8 - 12 slices of Bacon

Black ground pepper (fresh ground preferred).

Kitchen twine (aka butcher’s twine)



Start with 4 nice sized quail split at the breast, seasoned with some black pepper.
While smoker is preheating to 220°F, place one lemon quarter inside each breast cavity, fold and tie with kitchen twine.

Wrap in bacon and secure bacon with toothpicks. Place into the smoker at 220°F with some kind of smoke!

Smoke/cook for 3 hours; applying smoke the full time.

Allow to rest 15 minutes. Remove toothpicks, string and lemon prior to serving.