Smoked Prawn Burrito Bowl Recipe

Smoked Prawn Burrito Bowl Recipe

Every now and again, that craving hits for a killer bowl. Something a bit more healthy but with a smoked twist! Power up with this Smoked Prawn Burrito Bowl and get the best outta life!


For the Prawns:

1 Lb large prawns - shells off and cleaned

1 Tsp Canola oil

2 Tbsp of your favourite BBQ Rub

1 Lime - zested and juice from half of it

For the Burrito Bowl:

Shredded lettuce

Brown rice

Diced tomatoes


Black beans


Ranch dressing


Lime wedges


Start out by loading your Bradley Smoker with Beer Pucks and preheating it to 250ºF (121.1°C). While that’s happening, in a bowl mix together all of the ingredients for the Prawns. I used a spicy BBQ Rub for mine, but use whatever makes you happy!

When the smoker comes to temp, place the seasoned Prawns on a rack and place it at the top of the Smoker. This will go for 20-30 min, or until they turn pink! Remove from the smoker and begin to make your bowl!

Start by adding a layer of lettuce to the bottom of the bowl, then using whatever toppings you would like. Place the Prawns on the top of the Burrito bowl, and finish with ranch and a squeeze on the lime! Dig in!


Recipe by: Cory Walby – Saturday Night Test Kitchen