How to Smoke a Chub 

How to Smoke a Chub

Elevate your grilling game with this unique and flavorful recipe. Unleash the deliciousness by wrapping prosciutto around string cheese, stuffing it with ricotta, asparagus, and spinach, and rolling it all up in a savory chub. Smoked to perfection in the Bradley Smoker and finished with a balsamic glaze, this mouthwatering creation will have everyone coming back for seconds.


1 Chub (4½ block of baloney)

10 String cheese

10 Prosciutto

1 Pound of ricotta cheese





Take your prosciutto and wrap it around the string cheese.

Slice your chub from the bottom unraveling it as each cut goes through.

Using a spoon, take your ricotta cheese and slather it all over the chub.

Place your prosciutto and string cheese mix and asparagus and place it on top of the ricotta cheese.

Grab your spinach and place it on top of the prosciutto, string cheese mix and asparagus.

* After this you have the option of placing whatever toppings you want, it is recommended that you add a balsamic glaze on top*

Roll up your chub and place skewers into the chub so it is held in place.

Place your chub in your Bradley Smoker for 4 hours at 250°C/482ºF and every 1 hour, you add BBQ sauce on it.

Once it's done smoking, slice into your chub and enjoy!

Recipe by: Marc's on the Grill